Subject of Law School


This year's Law School on International Tax Law substantive program will last 5 days ( from 4th to 8th July). Everyday we are going to focus on different aspect of International Tax Law.


The first issue we would like to raise is protection of taxpayer's rights in view of international tax law. We would like to put emphasis on protection of these rights in view of The European Convention on Human Rights. The next subject we will discuss is double taxation and double non - taxation. We would like to share with the participants informations about creating and implementing agreements concerning avoiding double taxation in the context of OECD Model Tax Convention. Our aim is also to show participants how we can avoid double non - taxation.


Another topic are frauds in the area of Value Added Tax – especially "carousel frauds" . As a part of this block, we are going to consider the aspect of reverse charge mechanism.


The last issue we will take into consideration is taxation of internet sales. In our opinion it is one of the most important subjects, when internet trade is getting more and more common. That is why we would like to concentrate on problems with e-trade, terms of prevention and dealing with bitcoins in the world.

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