Meet our Local Group!


ELSA Cracow is one of the most active local group in Poland. Our members willingly engage oneself in events internationally, inter alia, throughout participation in the deliberations of WIPO and UNCITRAL. They also have numerous publications in journals with a range of Europe in the acquis. Annualy we organize tens of various projects.

The center of our activities is the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University (the oldest one in Poland) and the Faculty of Law, Administration and International Relations of the Cracow Academy named by Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski.

Cracow Local Group was established, has been run and continually developed by young people who share a common passion for law. More than two decades of its existence can be measured with the number of successful activities among which there are national and international conferences, seminars, thematic competitions, panel discussions, debates and workshops.
One of the recent achievement of our Local Group is the International Conference “Mitigating the Impact of the Economic Crisis by the Legal Regulations” which took place in April 2013. Between 5-12 of July 2015 will be held Law School on International Tax Law which this year is the most important project for us.
Also other types of activity can be specified: trainings for the members of ELSA (improving both their soft and academic skills), participation in charitable activities in collaboration with non-governmental organizations (UNICEF, Amnesty International), arrangement of internships, international student exchanges, study visits and institutional visits.