What does cross your mind when you think of Cracow? Do you only associate this city with its Old Town and Wawel? You should realize Cracow is much more than that!
One of the most interesting places is Kazimierz. It's an old Jewish district, which was a separated town to the beginning of XIX century. Its monuments have been signed to UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978. In the past, Jewish community mostly concentrated in Kazimierz's area. Many jewish cultural, educational, artistic and sport organisations or political parties had their seats there. Kazimierz is also famous for its numerous synagogues and Jewish cementeries, especially Remuh, which is one of the oldest jewish cementaries in Europe. It should be underlined, that there're also christian monuments, which proves that both communities were coexisting through ages, although Kazimierz was dominated by Jewish society. During the Second World War most of Cracow's Jewish was displaced. Rest of the community was set in ghetto, where people experienced living in derogative conditions. Most of them died because of the ghetto's liquidation, which determinated almost completed destruction of Jewish community from Cracow.

After the war Kazimierz was full of destroyed, abandoned houses. The change came with the end of communism in Poland. Popularity of Jewish culture and movie "Schidler's list" caused increase of interest in Kazimierz area. It's visited by descendants of polish jews and common tourists. Also, Kazimierz became a centre of Cracow's nightlife with excellent restaurants and climatical pubs. Many festivals and interesting events take place here and attract both tourists and local people such as Jewish Culture Festival. Kazimierz is an inspiring place for artists and common people which makes it a simple must-see in Cracow!