This Project has ended, we are working on something even bigger for 2016.

Feel free to check below how it all started, and eventually - succesfully - ended,  in 2015. 

12 May 2015

Our long-awaited planned version of the agenda!

3 April 2015

Meet our Local Group!

ELSA Cracow is one of the most active local group in Poland. Our members willingly engage oneself in events internationally, inter alia, throughout participation in the deliberations of WIPO and UNCITRAL. They also have numerous publications in journals with a range of Europe in the acquis. Annualy we organize tens of various projects. The center

8 March 2015

Registration is open!

We have a pleasure to announce that registration is open! Now you can apply to participate in our Law School on International Tax Law, which will be an exceptional event on European scale!

4 March 2015

Stay tuned!

1 March 2015

Law School on International Tax Law

ELSA Law School is a one week-long training devoted to a specific area of law. This year ELSA Cracow decided to organize Law School on International Tax Law. We are going to take up, mostly the subject of the excise duty, the tax on goods and services and, finally, the international conventions for double taxation.