Wawel is fortified architectural complex, perched on top of the hill on overlooking the River Vistula. It is nearly the most important set of buildings in Poland. Everybody should visit the Castle and see the gorgeous collection of Romanesque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture dating from around the 14th century. In 1978 it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The architectural complex consists of the gothic Castle and the Cathedral. First of them was built during the reign of Casimir III the Great. In 16th King Sigmund I Old brought the greatest artists in order to rebuilt in the Renaissance style. It became a symbol of perfection in Central and Estern Europe. In the interwar period Wawel was given an official status as the Residence of the President of Poland and after II World War it was transformed into a museum.

Inside the Castle we can see permanent exhibitions, as State Rooms, Royal Private Apartments, consist of beautiful paintings, decorated ceilings and gorgeous Renaissance furniture. We can also visit Crown Treasury and Armoury, Oriental Art and The Lost Wawel. From April to October it is possible to go to the Dragon’s Den - the cave formed 12 milion years ago, which is connected with the best known story of prince Krak and the Wawel Dragon.

Another important place is The Royal Archcathedral Basilica of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus, known as the Cathedral. It is a Roman Catholic Church and the secene of crowing of nearly every polish king. The interior is splendid and an example is, that the main altar was created by Giovanni Battista Gisleni, so no one will regret going there.

Wawel is a symbol of polish people’s determination, courage and a proof that Poland has a beautiful, long and fascinated history. Being there you can feel the spirit of the past.