About Cracow


With over thousand years of history, Cracow is one of the most interesting places to go in Central Europe. This city has been the seat of polish kings and the capital of Poland for centuries. Thanks to its location Cracow was also, the leading center of trade in this part of Europe and a place where the blend of different cultures, languages and religions created a favorable climate for artistic and cultural development. Today we can still feel this unique climate in the heart of the city – in the Old Town. If you only see it, you'll find out why UNESCO decided to put it in the World Heritage List.

Let us take you through the Royal Road – a route named after coronation processions, kings’ and princes’ receptions, parades and foreign guests who covered it to reach their destination at the Wawel Hill – the Wawel Castle. On the road you will see not only the best preserved gothic-style fortified outposts, the middle-age city gate, but also many churches among which the gothic St. Mary’s Basilica and the Wawel Cathedral are exceptional . Have a break and eat a bagel on the largest medieval market square in Europe, listen to the bugler playing the Heynal every full hour on the highest tower in St. Mary’s Church, take a walk through Renaissance cloth hall called "Sukiennice" or just sit down at the foot of the sculpture of a great Polish romantic poet, Adam Mickiewicz. It is worth ending your trip on the Wawel Hill- the residence of Polish kings which through ages, under the influence of generations, has become the architectural pearl of the city. Nevertheless, be careful! The dragon lurking under the hill still breathes fire!

Cracow’s sculptures, museums, monuments and old row houses are not the only attraction of the Old Town. Today it’s the center of students’ night life with plenty of pubs, cafes, clubs and restaurants, which surprisingly well fit the historical character of this vibrant city. It’s impossible to mention all historical or cultural places of the Old Town that are worth visiting but the world-known Polish hospitality will definitely help you get to know at least a small part of them.

If you’ve never seen a breathing fire dragon or been in the hub of the universe, then embark with us on a trip around the Cracow’s Old Town and let it amazed you with the unique, historical and cultural climate. This well preserved part of the city is still hiding many unknown to the general historical facts and unusual places. They all are here waiting for you to be explored, as well as pubs, cafes, clubs and the rest of the wonderful Cracow’s night life. It doesn’t matter if you come here for sightseeing or dancing, the variety of activities which offers the Old Town will satisfy even very demanding one.